Harvest Coin (HTC)

Objective description

The Harvest Coin is a token that is used as a medium of exchange in various transactions. Developed with cryptography which is used to secure transactions; it also controls the creation of new cryptocurrency units.

How is the Harvest Coin different from other projects?

The Harvest Coin belongs to a totally decentralized financial ecosystem, it has the power to provide the ease of being able to be traded or exchanged for other currencies within any network or blockchain.

Harvest Token Swap

Harvest Coin also has its own Cryptocurrency Exchange where we can trade the token with any other crypto with a fairly low and competitive fee, unlike other conventional tokens. This is also beneficial as it allows us to have greater fluidity when doing some type of digital trade with the Harvest Coin within its own Exchange.

Harvest Coin HTC

Within the financial ecosystem of the Harvest Coin we have to:

Harvest Coin is a fully featured token as it has its own crypto wallet in which private keys can be stored, keeping your crypto secure and accessible. It also allows you to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrencies like Harvest Coin, BitCoin, and Ethereum.


Another great factor that makes Harvest Coin unique and different from others is that it has its own Swap called Harvest Swap, where it can be staked within a liquidity pool of the native token itself.

Thanks to the cryptographic diversity of chains, the Harvest Coin can be traded and found among the most demanding networks such as:

Binance Smart Chain
Polygon Matic

This diversity of the network makes Harvest Coin a currency that is fully accessible to different markets and also has a large decentralized financial ecosystem.


The Harvest Coin ecosystem allows us to participate in its own liquidity pool, yield farming (mining) and the holding of the native token itself.


The Harvest Coin alike, thanks to its multi-network, allows us to market our digital arts through the Harvest NFT Marketplace, using the Harvest Coin as a trading base currency with a low commission allowing fairer and more fluid trade.


One more advantage of Harvest Coin is that it has an ICO that is quite accessible to Crypto investors. There are no restrictions and anyone can invest in the digital token during the ICO.